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HR Kilns Case Study

Koolkut Wall Saw shows it's versatility.

HR Kilns Press Release
Released January 28th 2014

It's common knowledge that wall saws are the sheet-cutting tools of choice among woodworkers and signmakers, in particular larger ones. What's not so well known, though, is that some models, such as British manufacturer Sagetech's Koolkut range, are also ideally suited to work in sectors entirely unrelated to these.

Koolkuts are hard at work in diverse industries around the world. An excellent example is provided by HR Kilns & HR Fibreglass, based in Skelmersdale, Liverpool in the UK.

On the grid

Established in 1995, HR Kilns originally supplied spares and repair services to kiln operators. Having diversified into fibreglass fabrication some six years ago, extending its name accordingly, most of the company's work is now in this area. As well as bespoke and off-the-shelf Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) fabrication for various customers including the railways and water suppliers, HR Kilns & HR Fibreglass also sells fibreglass grids in various sizes.
These grids, ranging in thickness from 14mm to 55mm, are some four times lighter than steel yet almost as strong, and not prone to discolouration. They are used widely as non-slip walkways in various industrial and other environments.

A better way to cut

The grids must be cut to the correct size for each customer's needs. As Darren Weston, Managing Director, noted, this is where Sagetech's Koolkut KK21 wall saw comes in. "Until we got the Koolkut about five years ago, we were cutting the grids with jigsaws and grinders."
The process was messy and lacked precision. It was also slow. Before a grid could be cut, it had to be manhandled onto trestles and then marked up to the correct dimensions, all of which was time-consuming and labour-intensive: horizontal sheet handling is always more difficult than vertical.
With the company growing and customer demand increasing, a better approach to cutting was becoming essential. Darren set about searching the market for more suitable tools, and, finding Sagetech's website ( was delighted to find the versatile Koolkut range.
"I called Sagetech to find out more about the saws," Darren recalled. "They were really helpful, and very genuine."

Reliable in heavy use

Five years on, HR Kilns & HR Fibreglass' Koolkut KK21 is really earning its keep. In use every day cutting fibreglass grids and trimming moulded fibreglass sheets to size, it has proved exceptionally reliable despite heavy use in an highly abrasive, dusty environment. This reliability is due in large part to the high quality power heads fitted to these saws, and the sealed ball bearings on which the moving column travels across the frame.
"The Koolkut is much faster than our old jigsaws, grinders and trestles method," said Darren. "It's allowed us to be more responsive to customer requirements, and it's improved productivity. It's a far more cost effective way of cutting. On top of that, having the right equipment helps customers see us as a professional, well-run, well-resourced company."
"I'm well happy: the Koolkut does a great job and I'd recommend it one hundred percent," he concluded.

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