Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Ladder Center Ferryhill

“Whats Stopping You? project”

The Ferryhill Ladder Centre is a community resource offering support to residents from the area. The centre recently received funding from the local AAP The 4 Together Partnership for a fitness and lifestyle programme. The aim of the project “What’s Stopping You” is to promote health, exercise and tackle social isolation in the community. As part of the project they hold guided health walks, walking football, day walking trips, and most recently gym/exercise sessions which are held at Ferryhill Leisure Centre. All the sessions are free, available to anyone over the age of 18 and suitable for all abilities

As part of Sagetech Machinery’s commitment to the community we decided to get involved by providing them with water bottles and gym bags, ideal for their fitness sessions and for those guided walks. From Sagetech, Joanne Jones and Kieran Thompson went along to one of the walking football sessions and the newly launched free fitness classes both part of the “Whats Stopping You” project, both held at The Ferryhill Community Hub.
The Walking Football, more active than you would think!

Kieran of Sagetech commented, “The walking football looks great, it makes me want to join in”. If that is how it makes people feel when watching it then the activity is proven to be working.

As if an hours walking football session wasn’t enough, the group then moved upstairs in to the gym area for their free fitness session. Before that could start however Kieran and Joanne handed out the water bottles and gym bags all of which where gratefully received.

“It means a lot to know that there is someone out there who is willing to support our small group, thank you from everyone involved, we are grateful for your support”.

Nigel Jones- Project Organiser

The group were grateful for the donation of bottles and gym bags 



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