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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sagetech Machinery Move Premises

Sagetech Machinery Moves Premises

We are very pleased to announce that the whole Sagetech Machinery team have decided to expand and move facilities into a brand new, bigger and better unit. Due to business growth, product development and the need for a show room it proved our old offices in Bowes Lambton Estate, Chester le Street had ran its cause.

New Unit - based in Chilton, Durham.

The new unit will be based in Chilton, Durham and will allow us to, not only continue what we were already doing, but also grow and expand the business and allow us to create a potentially exciting future.

The new unit has the potential for exciting changes which will greatly benefit future customers. We now will have a demonstration facility for customers to visit before they make their final decision on whether they wish to make an investment in one of our machines. We have our VERTICAL PANEL SAWS, ENGRAVING MACHINES, 3D PRINTERS & FESTOOL tooling on show. This is ideal as customers can get hands on with the machine they are interested in before they make a purchase, testing out different machines, different materials they will need to cut on a regular basis, etc.

We also realise that some customers may not be able to visit through travel restrictions, but worry not as we have a solution. The demonstration facility will also allow us to do regular videos and live streams showcasing all our different machines and different types of material. This will go on our social media (Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), but also, customers who are interested can perhaps request a personal demonstration for their desired needs and we can send this type of video individually.

The full address for the new unit is:

 Unit 17, Chilton Industrial Estate, Ferryhill, Co. Durham, DL17 0PB.

We are always looking to expand and grow the business and we feel this will be a monumental milestone in the history of Sagetech Machinery. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

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