Monday, 2 October 2017

Festool TS75 saw

Festool TS75 saw

Following on from our recent announcement of becoming an authorised dealer for Festool, the German Manufacturer of tooling for professional tradespeople, each week we will be showcasing a different Festool product highlighting the key features of the tool, either as a single product or as a product fitted onto our Vertical Panel Saw machines. Our first highlight is the TS75 saw as this is the saw we use on our Koolkut (KK & KF) Vertical Panel Saws.

The Festool TS75 portable circular saw

The Festool TS75 combines considerable power and a light weight in a compact device. Together with the guide rail, the TS75 ensures flexible, fast and precise work. The TS75 offers a cutting depth of up to 75mm and follows a line precisely and accurately without causing splinters. Blades are able to be changed in a safe, fast, easy and efficient manner to cope with different types of materials you’re cutting.

Koolkut KF with a Festool TS75 saw attached

The main applications for the TS75 are
  • Precise circular in materials up to 75 mm thick
  • Cutting house doors to length using guide rail and circular saw
  • Cutting and machining conservatory profiles
  •  Cutting cable ducts to length cleanly and easily
  • Accurately cutting false floors to size
  • Cutting multi-layered boards
Festool TS75 installed within our Vertical Panel Saw

For more information on the Festool TS75 saw, click here

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