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Monday, 19 February 2018

What is a Vertical Panel Saw?

What is a Vertical Panel Saw?

You may see us talk about our Vertical Panel Saw’s on a regular basis, but some of you may be questioning to yourselves, “What exactly IS a Vertical Panel Saw?”

Vertical Panel Saws are the practical and more efficient alternative to the traditional table saw. When using table saws, loading and moving sheets through the saw could be cumbersome especially for one person working on their own, the benefit of the vertical saw being that sheets can easily be loaded onto the frame and with European moving column system the sheet stays still and the sawhead moves in both directions whilst the sheet is held in place. 

The Vertical Panel Structure is the space that it saves from the workplace floor making them ideal for organisations that are limited to space. Available in a range of models and sizes, the right model will depend on the size and number of sheets to be worked, typically the capability increases with the size of the model. Sagetech Machinery specialise in a range of saws for all sizes which includes a portable version from the Zapkut range which folds away and can be taken out on site. 

For more information on the Vertical Panel Saw’s and all of the different ranges, click here.

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