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Monday, 12 March 2018

Students visit Spain to represent Sagetech Machinery

Students visit Spain to represent Sagetech Machinery

STUDENTS are visiting Spain this month to take part in a business event.

Nine young people are visiting Cámarabilbao University Business School in Bilbao to represent New College Durham in the Trade Mission event.
They will be the only college in the country at the event and are representing and promoting two UK firms, saw manufacturer, SageTech Machinery, and Darlington based, family-run ice cream parlour, Archer’s Ice Cream.

Students meet with Sagetech's Managing Director, Craig Williams.

Michael Lynn, 20, who is studying for a degree in management, said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as I have been able to utilise my marketing and leadership skills to promote a British company in Europe, despite the challenges of Brexit.”
There are 106 students attending and 35 companies from all over Europe being represented.
The Durham students will visit the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce and the British Consulate.
Harris Cameron joined the college to study level three business and has progressed to a bachelor’s degree.
He said: “Having amazing business opportunities, such as this one, has inspired me to start researching and developing my own business plan.”
The event takes place from March 11 to 16.
Neil White, business management curriculum manager, said: “This is an excellent attribute for the students to put on their CVs.
“They are working with real-life businesses to provide problem solving solutions.
“It is a great opportunity for the students to not only visit Bilbao, but to develop their networking and influencing skills.”

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